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From a young age, I knew I wanted to help others. In college, I minored in Social Work and worked in adolescent group homes. After I graduated, I was always drawn to work in hospitals or for doctors. Giving back and volunteering is really important to me and continues to be a passion of mine as well. I became a Licensed Medical Esthetician in 2007 because I loved the idea of helping women look and feel their best. I even incorporated that passion into purpose working with the Ronald McDonald House by pampering the moms during their stay there.


However, I finally found my calling after becoming a mom myself and discovering the impact nutrition plays in our every day lives. In addition to food, when we feel fulfilled and satisfied in our life, sometimes what we put in our mouth becomes secondary. So, I believe looking at your health from a holistic standpoint; not just the food you eat but your life as a whole. We are all individuals with unique stories and I would love to hear yours.


- Ali

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