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How often have you felt like a pantry staple you swore you just bought somehow vanished into thin air? You may even have a few condiments in your fridge that expired ages ago. The next time you're hunting for your Tupperware lids and feeling frustrated with the disarray, make the commitment to do a kitchen detox to get things in order.   

While it can look like a daunting task, these tips will undoubtedly help you get your kitchen looking superb in no time. 

1. Get rid of nonessentials 

Do you have a toaster oven you never use? Dishes that are chipped? Seasonings you've never tried? For the things you may use once in a blue moon, like just during the holidays, store them elsewhere (garage, attic, or basement). The items that you don't ever use anymore can be donated. You can toss out anything beyond its lifespan. 

2. Scrub it down 

After going through every cabinet and your fridge, scrub it all down. It will feel like a whole new home when you do. You can break this task up over a week or two to make it less overwhelming. For example, on Monday, you can wipe down all of your cabinets. On Tuesday, tackle the refrigerator shelves. Create a schedule that's doable for you so you won't procrastinate.  

3. Make a plan for your kitchen storage 

Now that it's all clean don't just shove everything back the way it was. Make a plan and define your kitchen zones. This way, you'll know where everything goes. For example, make the items you use the most frequently stay in an easily-accessible place. It would help if you organized cookware near your oven, and pantry goods should go into the pantry. Of course, these are only suggestions, so make a plan of what works for you and your kitchen and stick to it.  


4. Work with the space you've got 

Some of you might have a massive kitchen with tons of space. Organizing this will be far easier. But if you're in tight quarters, you'll have to get a bit more creative. For this reason, make sure that things you don't use daily aren't in the way of what you use more often. Making your space functional will create ease in the kitchen. 

5. Invest in storage items 

We've all gone into the pantry and pawed around to find an old box of crackers that we forgot about. Instead, make life easier by getting clear containers for these types of things. You'll be able to see it easier, and as a bonus, it will extend the shelf-life drastically by keeping things fresh.  

6. Think outside the box  

There are so many ways to get creative with the space you have in your kitchen and get it organized in a beautiful and functional way. Pots and pans take up loads of space, but if you can install a hanging rack, you can display them and keep them out of the way.  

If you spend too much time fumbling for spices, mount a spice rack to the inside of your cabinet doors and organize it alphabetically. Corkboards, drawer organizers, dividers, and even over-the-door compartment racks can all be utilized to help you organize with ease and make your kitchen look great.  

7. Be open to change 

Sometimes, your organizational tactics might not go as planned. If things are still getting messy, be open to changing it for another method. And even if it's going well, make a plan to do a deep clean and decluttering once per year to keep everything in top shape in your kitchen! 

breath for sleep.png


If you struggle to fall asleep, there's one simple technique you can use before you toss and turn for hours.  It sounds too simple to even be effective, but I assure you this quick breathing technique is magical.  

This breathing technique created by Dr. Andrew Weil is known as the 4-7-8 routine.  Inhale through your nose for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of 7, and slowly exhale for a count of 8.  I like to do this routine two or three times, and it puts me right to sleep.  Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you! 

think green.png


One of my most favorite ways to incorporate healthy habits into my life is to align them with the seasons.  For example, when spring is arriving, I like to tap into that.  When the grass is turning green and the flowers spring from the ground, I take it one step further and bring green onto my plate more often.   

My mission for spring is to consume green foods regularly. This means salads, broccoli, asparagus, green smoothies, etc.  This is a great way to add healthy practices into your days throughout the year intentionally.  This season, strive to focus on adding more green to your plate to increase your veggie intake as well as enjoy the colors of spring. 

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