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Stressed Woman

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10 Ways to Find Peace When You Feel Overwhelmed

Be Full Equipped Next Time a Stressful Situation Arises

Anything that requires more energy than we can handle causes stress. The difference
between someone who is stressed and someone who is not - is not the level of stress in their
lives, it is their response to stress. Once we take steps to control our inner state, we learn to
make better choices. We can’t always change how things are on the outside, but when we
change our inner state it changes our outer state.

In this guide you'll learn:

  1. My simple exercise to no longer be triggered by things outside of your control.

  2. Ways to naturally be more positive & unphased by stress.

  3. Tips to manage your time in a way that prevents overwhelm.

  4. Why you don't have to be a forever "people pleaser" and how to say "no" sometimes. 

Image by Jared Rice
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