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5 Simple Things You Can Implement this Fall to Keep Things Fresh

It's officially FALL!! I'm not just looking forward to cooler temperatures, though. I'm also excited about using this time to reflect and reset. The Fall is a perfect time of year to switch up your routine, keep things fresh, review the goals you set for yourself and visualize how you want to end the year!

So here are some simple ways you can "reset" that don't break the budget...

1) Eat seasonal produce. Not only will it taste better, it'll be less expensive since it's in season! There are so many delicious recipes that incorporate these autumn flavors.

2) Get organized. Don't wait for the new year to declutter! Wouldn't it be nice to start 2023 already ahead of the game? Set aside some time to pick a space in your house that you know needs some extra love, but you keep putting off (you know the one ;)). Having an organized space will not only relieve stress, but will even help you stick to your wellness routine. Ever notice that when your space feels cluttered, the rest of your life feels out of control as well? The opposite is true too.

3) Try something new! Pick up a book, take a class, or try a new recipe! Keeping things fresh will keep you from feeling like you're in a rut or just running on a neverending hamster wheel.

4) Let go of something. What isn't serving you? Is it a relationship that needs boundaries? A bad habit? A negative thought? Whatever it is that's holding you back from reaching your goals - let it go.

5) And if you really want to a jumpstart on all of this - join our upcoming 5 Day Fall Reset! We start Monday, 10/17 - Friday, 10/21. No calorie counting or tracking macros and you won't go hungry, I promise. Early bird pricing ends this Sunday, 10/9!

For more information on the 5 Day Fall Reset or to register, click the button below or reply back to this email with any questions!

5 Day Fall Reset FAQ's

Talk soon!

Ali Naglee, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Girlife Facilitator

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