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Are you picking the right goals for yourself?

When it comes to picking the right goals, it's not about what society expects or what others are doing. It's about digging deep within and finding that authentic connection to what truly matters to YOU.

Some questions to ask yourself when creating goals:

1) What principles or beliefs resonate with you the most? Do your goals align with those?

2) How do you envision your future? Do your goals align with that vision?

3) What brings you joy and fulfillment? Does accomplishing your goals help create those feelings for you?

4) Who do you look up to? Do your mentors or role models inspire you to accomplish your goals?

5) Are you flexible and patient? Do you have time constraints on your goals or are you open to suprise, change and adjusting along the journey?

Some of us have similiar goals, but finding the right path towards them is a very unique and introspective process. For example, I can have two different clients with the same goals, but their action steps vary greatly.

Creating goals requires self-reflection, experimentation, and a willingness to learn from both successes and setbacks. Trust your intuition, follow your passions, and be patient with yourself as you begin taking steps towards any of your goals.

If you're ready to come up with your own personalized plan, it's time we talked!

Let's dig a little deeper and come up with a plan based on your needs, your lifestyle, your values and your desired outcome.

Talk soon, Ali

Ali Naglee Wellness

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Ali Naglee Wellness

Fayetteville, GA 30215-4839 United States

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