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Fail for it

I came across a quote, from a commencement speech that Jim Carrey gave at the 2014 Maharishi University of Management graduation, that really stroke a chord:

"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

Whether we realize it or not, we're actively failing at things every day. But when it comes to doing something big, something important, something that will make a difference in our lives we can become paralyzed with fear. We're afraid of getting it wrong. Or, maybe we're just afraid of others seeing us get it wrong.

If you knew no one was watching - what would you do? Would you train for that marathon? Would you go for that job/promotion? Would you take that speaking gig? Would you write that book? Would you try to get back to a healthy weight for your body type (not someone else's)? This might hurt to hear (I'm hoping it's liberating, though) but, nobody is paying that close attention to you. So good news - all eyes are NOT on you! Even if you post about it on social media, people will either be excited for you, forget about it, not even see it, or continue scrolling - because let's face it, we are all busy. We are consumed in our own lives and what other people are thinking about us! How ironic, right? And, if for some reason there is a small percentage waiting with bated breath to watch you fail, then those people have no life of their own and no basis for an opinion on yours.

If you don't believe me, think about your life for a second. How many people are you thinking about every second of the day wondering what their next move will be? Unless they live under your roof, the answer is probably none. We can cheer for our friends and family, and of course follow up with them about the things they've chosen to share with us, but nobody is waiting for you to fall flat on your face.

Once we accept that failure is a part of life, the sooner we can feel free to live ours fully. The best things in life don't always come easy. The more mistakes we make and the faster we make them, the quicker we become more proficient in whatever it is we're striving for.

As I'm typing this, at 10:30 am on Monday, I can already think of a few things I've "failed" at today alone.

What's one big goal you are willing to fail at until you get it right? Go for it.

The truth is, when you go after your dreams, and show you aren't afraid of getting it wrong, you might just be giving someone else permission to do the same. That's a win in and of itself.

I will always be your cheerleader. So if you need a safe space to share your dream please reply back to this email as a baby step towards it! I know you have one in you.

And if want to make this dream a reality even faster, please schedule a free call to see how private coaching can get you there.

Talk soon,

Ali Naglee

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Ali Naglee Wellness

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