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How to Reset this Fall

Last week I talked about different ways you can use the Fall season as a fresh start instead of waiting until Jan 1st. But today, I wanted to dive a little deeper into some ways you could put this into practice when it comes specifically to your health and wellness.

One of the suggestions last week was to learn something new. In the area of health, it could look like researching healthy cooking tips or new recipes, different ways to optimize your gut health, and getting curious about intuitive eating.

Another idea was to eat seasonal foods. The Fall has an amazing assortment of grounding foods that can be used in a variety of ways. These include apples, sweet potatoes, pears, onions, peppers, eggplant, parsnips, cabbage, acorn squash, pomegranate, cauliflower and brussel sprouts! There must be a few in there you'd be willing to try! Maybe you could combine trying a new recipe with a new ingredient and knock out two suggestions in one?

The last thought would be to change up your routine. I recently switched up my morning routine because my schedule changed. Instead of exercising before the kids wake up, I now use that time to meditate. Since both kids are finally on the same schedule, I work out after they leave for school in the morning. So I'm still doing a fasted workout (which works best for me), and I still get it done first thing in the morning. There are other things (big and small) that you can implement in the morning or throughout the day that can make a difffence though, too: Make your bed (if you don't already), take a 20 min walk after lunch or dinner, write in a journal, take a cold shower, listen to music or a podcast, or even get a quick 5 minute task done before the family wakes up. All of these add up over time and can either improve your mood, get you out of a funk, boost your energy or give you a sense of accomplishment!

If you want to combine all three suggestions above, I have just the thing! Our upcoming 5 Day Fall Reset (starting Monday, 10/17 - Friday, 10/21) will get you back on track, eating seasonal foods that nourish and support your body, optimize your gut health, learn new recipes + healthy tips, lose weight and bloat, improve your sleep, learn to be more intuitive with eating, and have you freshening up your morning routine (and even your evening if you really want to take it up a notch)! EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS THIS SUNDAY, 10/9.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Talk soon,

Ali Naglee

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Girlife Facilitator

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