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"Success is an inside job"

Are you feeling overwhelmed, out of control or like you're constantly spinning your wheels? If so, start small.

As Gabby Bernstein says:

Success is an inside job.

The New York Times best-selling author and "manifesting guru" suggests taking one "small right action" every day to begin experiencing personal success, positive beliefs and overall sense of well-being.

Some of those actions could include things like:

Waking up early - getting a jumpstart on your day to fit in a morning routine or just getting some "me time" before kids wake up can make such a difference in how the rest of your day plays out.

Hydrating properly - when your body is hydrated everything functions better. Plus, you'll have more energy to get what you want done during the day.

Reading - reading is critical for our brain. It improves focus, memory and helps to decrease stress. You might even learn a thing or two!

Walking 30 min/day - there's no denying walking is the best and safest form of exercise there is. Not to mention, it doesn't require any equipment or a gym membership. In fact, there's even more benefit when you walk outside!

Decluttering - ever notice when your space feels messy, your life does too? When you have an organized space, you instantly feel calm. It reduces anxiety and can even make us feel more confident and in control!

Cook a nourishing meal - when you eat real, unprocessed foods your body is able to function the way it was intended to. You feel energized, happier, less anxious and you sleep better (just to name a few)!

Which action will you start with today?

Talk soon,

Ali Naglee

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Girlife Facilitator


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