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What can you do today to make tomorrow better?

Here's the thing, what we do today affects our tomorrow. Time passes no matter who we are, where we are or what we do. So, we might as well make time work for us - not against us!

It's hard to future-think sometimes. We know things like losing weight and changing our habits take time. And, generally speaking, humans aren't patient beings - particulary these days. So, I personally like to think just one step ahead. What's one thing I can do today that will make me better off tomorrow?

So, here are a few simple things we can do today to set the stage for an amazing tomorrow:

  1. Reflect on the good: Before we hit the sack tonight, let's take a few moments to reflect on the positive aspects of today. Gratitude goes a long way in boosting our mood and setting the right tone for tomorrow.

  2. Plan for success: Whether your goals are personal or professional, having a roadmap to plan out your priorities and actions steps is key. It will keep you focused and productive.

  3. Get moving: How about squeezing in a bit of exercise today? Can you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Park in the last row at the grocery store instead of circling the parking lot trying to find the best spot (I bet they both take the same amount of time)! Whether it's a short walk, a quick workout session, or some yoga, physical activity will release those endorphins and help us wake up refreshed tomorrow.

  4. Unplug and unwind: As we wind down for the day, let's try to disconnect from screens and avoid heavy technology use for at least an hour before bedtime. Instead, we could pick up a book, meditate, journal, or listen to music or a podcast.

  5. Connect: Reach out to friends or family members we haven't spoken to in a while. Catching up with loved ones always brings joy and strengthens our bonds.

  6. Random act of kindness: How about doing something nice for someone else today? A small act, like complimenting a colleague, helping a stranger at the store, or offering support to a friend, can brighten both their day and ours!

  7. Set a positive intention: Before we sleep, let's set a positive intention for tomorrow. Visualize a successful day, filled with accomplishments and happiness. A positive mindset can work wonders! When you wake up, repeat it!

Together, let's make these small adjustments today, setting ourselves up for a better tomorrow! Remember, it's always the little things that add up over time that create the biggest difference.

If you need help making a plan or getting clear on your priorities, I would love to help.

Talk soon,

Ali Naglee

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Ali Naglee Wellness

Ali Naglee Wellness

Fayetteville, GA 30215-4839 United States

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