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10 FREE Ways to Calm Your Nervous System

As we're coming off this long weekend, my mind can't help but jump ahead to all the things that are about to take over my calendar. Between the upcoming holidays, volunteer commitments, the kids' school responsiblities and inevitable suprises, it can get and feel super overwhelming just thinking about it all.

Before we're really in thick of it, I wanted to offer you some simple stress-reducing practices you can get in the habit of doing, especially if you find yourself always spiraling during this hectic season.

1) Get organized! You've heard me talk about this before, but there's something so calming about living in a space that is clutter-free.

2) Take deep belly breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat as needed.

3) Take a walk. In most parts of the country it's getting pretty brisk. But the sunlight and cool breeze will not only take the edge off, but could even give you a boost of natural energy too!

4) Low-impact exercise. Do some stretching, walking, yoga, pilates or dance! Something to get you moving and your endorphins pumping. Exercise helps relieve anxiety and stress tremendously and it doesn't have to be strenous for it to make a difference.

5) Plan ahead for the week. Write out your schedule, fill in daily appointments/reminders, get your day organized so you're in control over it, not victim to it.

6) Decrease the caffeine. Yup, I said it. We love our coffee over here too, but it can wreck havoc on our nervous system especially if we're already stressed. Skip the afternoon cup, or reduce the amount you consume in the mornings. (Don't shoot the messenger!)

7) Turn on a feel-good playlist. Music does wonders for our soul! Sing or dance along to your favorite songs and feel the tension dissipate in your body instantly.

8) Do a short mediation. Even if it's for 5 minutes! When you sit down, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and let your thoughts drift by, it will help ease your body and mind.

9) Journal. Write down any of your worries or "to-dos." Get them out of your head and on to paper that way they don't weigh you down and take up space in your precious brain.

10) Cook a nourishing meal. Food really is medicine and there are so many ingredients out there that can help calm our nerves just by EATING them. Listen to your body. Understand how it's "talking" to you. Take inventory of your body and emotions before and after you eat. Just like some foods make us feel great, others can hurt us, so it's important to really pay attention to your own unique body signals.

A lot of what I mentioned above is included in the 5 Day Fall Reset! So if you want to get your hands on some nutritious meals that support your body, self-care tips and tricks, get your sugar cravings under control, learn ways to decrease caffeine, and so much more definitely check out the FAQ resource listed below. Doors close this Friday, 10/14 and I don't want you to miss out if this is something your body needs right now. If you're wondering who it's right for? Everyone!

Talk soon, Ali Naglee

Certified Holisitic Health Coach

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